Knitting magazine question

I currently receive [I]Creative Knitting[I] magazine which I like a lot but I received an ad today for [I]Knit "N Style.[/I] Does anyone get this magazine, and feel it is a good one to subscribe to. This ad says this offer is 52% off the regular price.

Has anyone who sent in for the first issue to preview received it yet?

Was it the one with the offer of a knit picks needle? I sent it in partly because of that, and had been thinking about subscribing to it. I like the patterns they have, but there’s usually only one or 2 per issue that I might make, so don’t buy them very often. But at $20 for 6 issues plus a needle, that’s a good deal.

Yes that was the one with the offer of the needles. I think I will subscribe for the year at that price so I can get the needles too.

hahaha…I just got that offer too, with the free Knit Picks needles, and, I must say, while I’m looking forward to receiving the magazine, I decided to order mainly for the needles :teehee:

LOL - I mailed off that card, too, as soon as I saw the needle offer. I have subscribed before. If I’m remembering correctly, they have a good pic of the back of the project in the back section w/the pattern directions. Nice feature.

I have never seen the magazine before but I did find one at a recent visit to Webs which I really liked. The web site is
The magazine has some lovely patterns and for the bigger woman also. I have bought several magazines and when there isn’t more than one and sometimes no projects which interest me I don’t buy it again. What I do like is a lot of magazines like Interweave will let you preview the issue and then you can decide whether to buy it or not.

Nearly all the major magazines have that feature now - Knitters, KnitnStyle, Creative Knitting, Vogue and Knit Simple; you just have to go to their websites.

Has anyone received their first free copy of the Creative Knitting magazine ? Have gotten the bill but not the first copy to see if I want to pay the subscription. This is the one that comes with the free needles if you pay for the subscription.

Same here, no copy, just the bill. Looks like we sent in the request about the same time.

After reading many, many knitting magazines, I think that they are good for different levels of knitting skill and experience, and the style of clothing you like.

These are for younger knitters, smaller sizes, and a more youthful attitude in the articles:

These are for less experienced knitters and/or simpler styling:
Creative Knitting
Knit Simple
Knit ‘n’ Style
Family Circle Easy Knitting and Crochet
Debbie Bliss
Fons and Porter

These are for more experienced and/or more sophisticated styling:
Vogue Knitting
Interweave Knits
Knitters’ Magazine
Lana Grossa
Simply Knitting

Thank you for the categories! I agree with them the way you have them separated!

Funny! Hope they have plenty of needles…I did the same thing!

Thanks all, I just realized I typed the wrong name in my followup question too, oops!
Knit N Style was the one I was checking on but you all apparently realized that.
Was just curious if anyone had received their copy before the bill. Hmmm, wonder if that will have to be sent in before we ever get the first copy even though it is supposed to be a “trial” copy.

Oh - I sent the card in practically the day after I got it. I got the bill about 7-10 days ago and paid it right away. I figure I won’t get the needle until they get paid.

Usually, if my ultimate aim is to get a free issue of whatever magazine it is, I don’t pay until I get the first issue, even if I get the bill first.

That’s my general policy too, and usually they arrive within a few days of each other. I might just go ahead and pay it, maybe I’ll get the needles before the first issue… :lol:

I got my copy in the mail today. Will be sending the payment so I can get my needles…

My daughter got me a subscription to Creative Knitting for Christmas. The first magazine didn’t arrive until this summer–the July issue. I’m enjoying it, but it sure took a long time.

I posted about this on a Ravelry thread, too.

I got that same post card and decided to go for it. I wasn’t too surprised when I got the invoice before I got the magazine, but it still annoyed me that when I went to their web site to check my subscription status it said, under my name: "PAY NOW! You have an outstanding payment due of $19.97; you have 5 issues remaining on your current subscription.”

Another thing that bugs me is that their wording on the postcard makes it sound as though the first issue is free (“Let us rush you the next issue of Knit n Style magazine to explore in the comfort of your own home −− FREE! There’s NO RISK!”), but it’s not free. The $19.97 is for all six issues, including the first one.

I get that this is a standard magazine practice, and it’s not terrible, but why do they throw in that word “FREE” when it’s not? (I know why :teehee:). I just felt like I really wanted to examine the magazine before committing to a subscription, and as soon as I sent the postcard in, BAM – I had a subscription and owed them money.

I’m now having trouble deciding if I want to subscribe because even though none of the patterns in the first issue are my style, I do enjoy the regular columns, especially the one that compares various yarns.

I guess if I really want that circular needle I should order the tips directly from Knit Picks; that’s a lot cheaper than $19.97. :mrgreen:

Actually, I think the first issue really IS free – if you get it and don’t want to continue the description and send the invoice back with ‘cancel’ written on it. They’re not going to come to your house and demand the magazine back or that you pay for it. The reason the website shows that you had 5 issues left is because they sent out the first one, it just takes a few days to get to you. You should have it in another couple days or so.

I decided to pay online so I could get the needles faster.

Yes, I’ve got the magazine, it arrived last Thursday, about 2 weeks after the invoice.

I guess you’re probably right about the issue technically being free, I’m just a little annoyed by their vague language and the fact that they’re assuming I’ll subscribe and I already owe them money. I was even starting to believe that if I decide not to subscribe they’ll charge me for the one issue! :shifty:

I usually avoid magazine subs but I fell for the “free” needle come-on. I read and re-read the postcard trying to figure out if the needle came with the first issue or what; it wasn’t until after I’d sent the card back that I realized I’d only get the needle once I paid.

I don’t mean to slam Knit 'n Style – I understand this is how the magazine/subscription business works, and I voluntarily sent the card in. This is just a general sort of mini vent. :roll: