Knitting machine toyota k747 . Beginner needs help

Hello, i have problem i don’t know why this is happening . I need help with configuring it right

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We have some machine knitters who may be able to help.




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Looks like you are set up for 2x2 industrial rib? That caston is normally done with racking. But only after the initial zigzag between the rows. What stitch size are you using? (Normally castons are small stitch size. I use a #1 on my Superba, increasing later.). Also it looks like your ribber isnt picking up the stitches it should. That might just be a case of cleaning the underside of the carriage. Or maybe you’d actually have to tinker with it.

The knitting machine answer lady (website & youtube) is an invaluable resource with cleaning & restoration. I had a Toyota 901 & ribber but never made friends with her. I rehomed her where she’d get more love.


Here are 2 videos I shared with someone else.

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Thank you . I’ll try this today

Hello, so it was as you pointed the carage . It was not correctly placed i have to hold both carages to move it . I was holding only one . Thank you :slight_smile:


You give me too much credit. It never entered my head that you would need to hold both carriages. But I knew it probably was something to do with the carriage.

On my Superba I have to hold everything just right in order to use the transfer carriage. So it makes sense. I joke that my pinky has to be pointed at Polaris - but most people dont get it online.

Glad it worked.

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