Knitting machine stuff

Several years ago, my wife was involved in machine knitting. Since she no longer knits by machine or otherwise, we have a lot of unused equipment taking up space in our home. We would like to find someone who might be interested in this stuff.

I am not a knitter, so I don’t really know much about the equipment we have. My wife use to know what all these items were but she has forgotten a lot she once knew about knitting. I’ll try to list what I see sitting around here.

Brother KH 910 knitting machine and accessories
Brother KR 850 ribber
Brother KH 890 knitting machine and accessories
Garter carriage, KG-89II
Lace carriages
KA 8200 Intarsia carriage
Punch card punch
Tall things that stick up in the air and hold the yarn
4-color yarn changer
Combs, weights, extra needles, latch hooks, etc.
Two machine tables that fold up
Two knitting lamps that clamp to the tables
Two chairs that you kneel on to knit. I think they are called “Back” chairs.
Many owner’s manuals and pattern books
Lots of yarn, some rather expensive as I remember

I have no idea what these items might be worth or how I should advertise it. We live in Southeastern Iowa. Some of this stuff, like the back chairs would be next to impossible to ship. Any help out there??

If anyone would be interested in this stuff or have any questions that I might be able to answer, please write me (Ken Hoff) at the following email address: