Knitting machine help?

Not certain if this is the correct forum, please help if I miss directed it-
Am the proud new owner of a Brother KH 910 electronc machine with Ribber (840?) attachment, and lots of goodies and attachments.

Is a gift from cousin who got grom her Mominlaw…

I can do VERY VERY basic needle knitting, and am pleased to get this machine- but haven’t a clue how to use it-

It has all manuals, and I’ve watched numerous videos-
I am “loading” it properly- (Or so I think)- but the stitches don’t ‘drop’ down-
They seem to be hanging up on the “teeth” in the front-
is there anyone that could help? advise?

Sounds like you need a new sponge bar. The sponge bar helps the knitting needles to knit properly.