Knitting M1?

Please help! I am knitting slippers and I am confused about a step.

The instructions are K3 M1 K1 (place a marker on last st) M1 K5 M1 K1 (place a marker on last st) M1 K3

What I am confused about is the M1 step. I know that M1 means to make one, but I searched youtube videos on how to do it and it looks like there it an M1r and M1l. I don’t know which one to use! Do I use just one? Do I use both and if I do which M1 is right and which M1 is left?


You could use either increase. They don’t have such a decided lean to either side. If I were going to use both, I’d use the M1R for increases you come to first (toward the right edge) and the M1L for the ones that come later in the row (toward the left edge). You could try them on a small swatch and see if you have a preference.

So, I could use M1r throughout the whole pattern?

I’m not sure what else is called for in the pattern but if it’s similar to the row you quoted, M1R would work just fine throughout.

Okay, thanks!

I have one more question, that maybe you could answer.

Later in the pattern the instructions are: Cont even in stocking st until work from beg measures 4. When it means stocking st do I do a whole row purl, then a whole row knit without any M1?

Yes, continue alternating a whole row knit with a whole row purl with no increases. Work even means to continue without increases or decreases. Good luck with the slippers and post a picture when you finish if you’d like.

Alright, thanks for all your help! I’ll be sure to let you know if I have any other questions along the way.

Could I use M1L through the pattern instead?

Sure thing. Either one will work. I’d try them out and see which one is easier to do or which one you like the look of best.

Okay thanks! Is the look between the two of them much different?

I came across another part in the instructions I didn’t understand.

The instructions say:

Cont in garter st until strips from cast off edge measure 1ins

What are the strips from cast off edge?

Can you link to your pattern?

I didn’t get the pattern online

We can usually find them or at least the picture if we have a name.

A wild guess here (which is akin to assuming) but I’ll do it anyhow. Did you start at the toe and bind off in the middle of your stitches so you have strips continuing along the sides toward the heel? I expect I now have egg all over my face.

On the pattern they are just called slippers, probably not very helpful.

I started at the toe and the step before is to K9, cast off 13, K9.

It sounds to me as if the strips will be the sides of the slipper and they are the live sts on each side of those you cast off. Even a picture of a similar slipper could be helpful. If you can tell whether it is from a book, magazine, etc., and it’s title, someone might have it.

I’m suppose to keep on knitting until the stitches that were left on after I casted off some of the stitches measure 1ins?

Or does that even make sense?

I found the pattern online!!

It’s on this site I hope this helps!

You’ve done this part, correct?

K9. Cast off 13 sts. K9.[/I]

For this next part

[I]Join a 2nd ball of yarn to first 9 sts. Working both sides at same time, cont in garter st (knit every row) until strips from cast off edge measure 1¼ ins [3 cm].[/I]

you will work the stitches still on the needle on each side of the cast off stitches until they are each 1 3/4" when measured from the row where you cast off the 13 sts in the middle. You’ll have to join new yarn on one side.