Knitting Looms

Do any of you ever use them? I bought a set and I don’t like the look of the stitches. I’ve decided that they may be okay for something I intend to felt or for quickly cranking out a bunch of scarves for the other cheerleader moms (got all of the royal blue and white Airy yarn Hobby Lobby had when it was .99 because that’s our school colors). What do you all think? Good and bad. Be honest.

I have a set which were my Mom’s. I have some booklets that were hers but it mostly deals with flowers. I haven’t done any yet as I don’t have time but sooner or later I will take a serious look and whatever!!!
I haven’t decided yet. Still in the looking stage. I did buy a booklet myself but it dealt mostly with hats and scarfs and returned it. I might try it but still I am not sure.

I have a set. I made an afghan with panels for my son. I liked the way it turned out. But when I washed it, it got all stretched out. I wet it and tried blocking it back into shape but it didn’t help. I used Red Heart yarn. Haven’t made anything since then.


A friend of mine used one to knit a hat. It went really slowly, compared with how she could knit with needles, and the hat looked big enough to fit a pumpkin. The stitches were also all loose and gappy. There’s someone on another forum I go on who is constantly posting pictures of her loom-knit stuff, she makes baby hats that seem to have only about 20 stitches on them. And sweaters that you can see through. She keeps going on and on about how fast the are; well if your gauge is 2-3 st/inch using worsted weight yarn, it will go fast, but not well. Everything is loose and hole-y and not very attractive. Hate to sound bitchy, but I really don’t see the point of them.