Knitting Loom-What the heck do I do with this?

I bought this circular loom at a thrift store for a great bargain, now I just need to know what to make with it and how to do it! :teehee: The posts are about 1" apart center to center on both top and bottom however, the top has 30 pegs and the bottom has 36 pegs. I am a beginner knitter (I’m sure that’s already obvious) and would like to try my hand at this. Any suggestions would be great!
Thank You!

In my bookmarks list I have freeknittingloompatterns. I haven’t tried any of them but it also gives instructions. Once I learned the how I kinda enjoyed using it to make hats. There are also some pamphlets with patterns that you can pick uo at Michaels or Hobby Lobby .

The current issue of has an excellent article on knitting boards/looms.

Here’s a group on yahoo for Kniffty Knitters. Enjoy…

Once you get the hang of it, it’s SUPER easy. It’s a good stepping stone to knitting.