knitting loom question

i have a knitting loom like this (the blue one specifically). there is a slightly wider gap between the last peg on the bottom/top row and the peg on the very left/right. I was wondering if there would be any problems with the spacing of some of the stitches if i knitted all the way around.

Most knitters here are hand knitters, but a few may know looms. Just letting you know you may need to wait a bit for a reply.

What types of things will u be knitting?? If you want to, you could make a “sample” using the yarn u plan to knit with. Go all the way around for about 20 rows or so and then see what it looks like.

If u like how the spacing comes out, terrific!! If it looks loose or thin in those areas, you could try a thicker yarn. I think that would fill up those spaces pretty well. Of course, that all depends on what you’re making.