Knitting Letters?

Is it possible to knit letters into work? i know that’s a stupid question, but i mean does anyone have a link to a website or video? My great-aunt put the yarn off to the side for me before she died, and i just got it, so i want to do something special with it. i was thinking about having her initials. or any other ideas would be great. thanks!

There are no stupid questions. :fingerwag:

Blocks of color like that are usually knit using intarsia. There is a video under advanced techniques.

Here are a few links

hope they help.

Duplicate stitch or Swiss Darning is another option. With that you knit the item and then put the letters on with this technique which is a type of embroidery that looks just like it was knit in. It duplicates the knitting stitches, hence the name- duplicate stitch.