Knitting Lesson

Well, I went to the craft store (THEY HAVE NO DOUBLE-POINTED NEEDLES! I found a circular one, though. But it was the last one), and they have a knitting lesson tomorrow! I signed up, naturally, hoping to get some freebies and learn more. Has anyone signed up for anything like that?

I took a knitting lesson at my LYS when I needed a refresher course (Mom taught me to knit at age 12, at 29 I decided to pick up the needles again :teehee: ) I learned pretty basic stuff…c/o, knit, purl, b/o. But that was all I needed at the time. Is this a beginner’s class that you signed up for?

I can never find good needles at the craft store…I go to the LYS for double points and 16 in circulars to supplement my Options set. My craft store had circs, but only 29in ones in sizes 8 and 10 1/2.

I learned to knit through a class at my local Hobby Lobby. My instructor was the founder of the local knitting guild. I joined the guild and I’m now the 2007 VP of it! :teehee:

I took my lessons in summer of 2005. A lot can happen in just a year!

That’s really cool! The class is for two or three hours, so I think we’re learning more than just basic beginner stuff.

We don’t have an LYS in the Philippines…not that I know of, anyway. Anyhow, I can just pick up another circular needle while I’m there so I can to small diameter circular knitting, too.