Knitting lace and missed yo

I’m knitting Helena from knitty summer 08, I;ve just realised that 2 rows ago, I missed a yarn over, is there any way to remedy this without the dreaded frogging?? I’m the next knit row above the mistake
any ideas gratefully recieved!

I see no other way than frogging. If I knew, I wouldn’t have frogged so many times… lace can be tricky.
If there ARE ways to remedy this, I’d love to know as well :smiley:

EDIT: Can’t you just unknit to the place of the mistake?

using a crochet hook or spare needle,reach down and pick up the bar between the stitches on the row where you missed the YO. Then “knit” the stitch up the rows using the bars above that row to form the stitch. Two rows down is easy. When they are down six or so it starts getting hairy.

:hug: I’m right there with you sister. I’m trying my first "real"
lace piece with lace weight yarn. I think I’ve had to frog about 14 times already!

so simple! will that create the right effect of the YO as well as the additional stitch too?

Usually - if not immediatly - once the stitches have a chance to “work” and equalize, you usually can’t tell where it was done.