Knitting lace, am I crazy

I ordered some beautiful lace weight yarn from Knit Picks to begin my first lace project. It is an Estonian Lace scarf. I understand the stitches and the provisional cast on. I’m about to rip my hair out because I’m having trouble getting my needle point to do K2tog and ssk. I’ve tried my Addi click size 6, Inox size 6, and a Susan Bates. I’m wondering if I need a “sharper needle” with a more pointy end. I’ve tried using smaller needles too. Finally out of desperation, I’ve doubled the yarn and now it seems to be working fine. Any suggestions for working with the fine, lace weight yarn would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue with patterns involving alot of decreases because I knit tightly. Usually a smaller needle size helps me. Instead of the ssk, I use a skp (slip 1, knit 1, passover slipped stitch) as a left leaning decrease. On the k2tog I just struggle or use a crochet hook.

The problem with doubling the yarn is you run out of yarn if you ordered just enough… :doh:

With lace, i usually get the sharpest needle i can pull out and use it. In this rare case…i pass up the blunt tip addi’s, and pick up my sharp point knit picks needles…a whole lot less chocolate gets ate that way :teehee:

I will have enough yarn because I actually ordered enough to do two scarves. What was I thinking??!!! I also ordered three other colors in different lace weight yarns. So I guess, I’ll have to find some sharp needles and try the crochet hook trick mentioned. I’m not so sure I’m going to enjoy knitting lace. I may look for some crochet patterns or my sister who enjoys lace knitting may end up with some real pretty yarn and save her older sister’s sanity.:wink:

I haven’t read thru all of the replies…so sorry if my answer is a duplicate…don’t mean to overtalk others…but I use KnitPicks OPTIONS for this kind of work. I know exactly what you are talking about. KnitPicks OPTIONS are perfect for lace knitting…and of course, Addi Lace circs work well, too. But I would go for Knitpicks personally.

You may want to practice some lace on heavier yarn - sock or sport or even worsted, with a larger needle size than you’d use for stockinette in those weights. That can give you some practice with the decs and YOs and following lace patterns.

I thought of another thing you might try. You have addi clicks, they are interchangable circulars right? If you use a size #6 on the right hand (working needle) & a smaller size; like a #4, on the left hand needle; you would have more give to get the needle in between for the decreases. Then at the end of each row, flip your work & exchange the needles.

Not sure if the tension would be okay, what with all the decreases & yos. But if you already have the needles, you could try a couple of rows. And see if you like the results.

Abby 123, I actually did the smaller and larger needle, it didn’t help much. Doubling the lace weight seems to have done the trick, so I think Suzeeq is on target by mentioning heavier yarn to start. I also like the idea of a sharper needle like Art Lady suggests. My husband has a conference and I have arranged to take off three days and go with him, so I’ll check out the LYS for some needle choices. I did order some of the fixed circs from Knit Picks for knitting my socks. I do like the Harmony and the steel ones, so I may bite the bullet and order a set of the options you mention, Art Lady. My DH just bought me the Addi Clicks for my birthday thinking I wouldn’t need another needle!!! This is the man who has several rechargeable drills and other power tools. Thanks so much for the discussion on my question. I love this forum!!!:thumbsup:

Forgive me for channeling my father, but I just can’t help but think he would tell me to go sharpen the points on his sander. When I make quilts he advises me that it would go faster if I cut bigger pieces. Ahh, fatherly advice.

This is the way I work K2tog when I knit certain items continental - such as the lotus hat because decreasing with a decrease tends to get too tight for me (and I consider myself an average to loose knitter).

For k2tog I do:
Knit one, pass that stitch back to the L needle, pass next unknit stitch from left needle over the first stitch knit, pass the original knit stitch back to the right needle.

I know it sounds like a lot and that explanation is probably horrible, but I get the same right leaning result as a K2tog.

If you have questions lemme know.

Wow, your dad must know my husband. He comes up with the “greatest” ideas. I can’t complain too much because he does some beautiful woodworking. I am the owner of a yarn swift made out of cherry. It is gorgeous!

I’m going to try your K2tog trick, Evan. When you pass the final stitch to the right needle do you pass it as if to knit or purl?

Just another vote for Knit Picks Options - they are pretty pointy!

The best cure for this is to learn to knit at a looser tension. Doubling the yarn normally causes this to happen to some extent automaticallly; but if you consiously learn to relax your tension when knitting lace all the multiple stitch options become MUCH easier.

Addi sells lace needles that have pointier tips to make it easier.

I pass it as if to purl :o)

HAH! You’re not the one having to twist every single loop on two needles to graft pieces together. It’s gotten to where I will now knit the last row continental style just to avoid all that twisting.

I have to slip two loops off my needle and twist them back on the left one to do a K2tog. But, on the bright side… when you guys are SSKing, I’m happing K2tog. It all comes out on the cast off :slight_smile: