Knitting Knockers Question on increases

Okay, I’m hoping someone can help me who has knitted the tit bits. My mom is so excited that I am making these for her, I want to make sure I do a good job. Went and bought the softest cotton yarn I could find and have started making one.

My question is which increase should I use? I have gotten to the “Next Round: K to last st on needle, m1, k1 around. 3 sts increased.

Before that it told you to KFB which I did. But the M1 could be any increase. I like the KFB but looked at videos and decided to use the M1F (make one front). The problem is that after picking up the loop between I have a hard time knitting into the back of it. It is really slowing me down.

I am probably making this harder than it really is. What increase would you suggest?

The make one front is a good one. Generally when it says M1 it means the M1F or the M1B or the simple backward loop (has several other names). You might try the M1B and see if it is easier for you to do. M1F and M1B are basically the same only one slants left and one right (I don’t remember which is which). The thing that helps me remember how to do those two M1s is that if you pick up the strand in front, you knit it in back, and if you pick it up in back, you knit it in front. Always opposite to twist the stitch and close any hole that would like to be there. You may find it easier to perform the M1B, if so, use it. I don’t think it matters which way the stitches slant all that much. No one will be crutinizing them anyway. :slight_smile:

I am a fan of the simple backward loop increase and it may work well in your case. I find it works a lot of the time for things, but I tried it once for making a stuffed toy and it didn’t work very well. The stretching from stuffing it caused the small hole to be enlarged and didn’t look good. I can’t remember if you stuff these boobie things, if you do, it may not be a good one. The backward loop is easy to perform at least. You might try it in your situation and see if it works.

I have made several pair and use KFB for all the increases … they have all received “rave reviews” for looks and comfort :slight_smile:
It is just the easiest increase for me… that is why I use it.