Knitting kits at Target?!?!

I was just doing my grocery shopping at Target and noticed that they have knitting kits there! I guess I knew that knitting was becoming more of an “in” thing to do, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw these things. Seemed odd for a place that doesn’t really carry crafty things :??

I didn’t get too good of a look at them since DH doesn’t like to browse as much as me, but they had quite a few kits to choose from.

I plan on venturing there today since you’ve said that! I heard someone (or was it you?) that said the same thing on a yahoo group that I’m on. Even bikinis if I’m not mistaken. That is why I want to check it out.

Yeah, I did notice the bikini kit–actually looked pretty cute! And some wine bottle cover things…I don’t remember what else. I’m going to have to take another trip there without hubby to check them out more.

they have them at Kmart too!.. my sister pointed it out to me when we were there on thursaday!.. i think its cool maybe it will inspire my friend to knit… she will do anything the Target and Kmart people tell her to lol

I look forward to buying these up for Christmas gifts as soon as they hit the clearance endcaps for 75% off. :lol:

I wish Target would get some of their designers like Isaac and Swell to do up some yarn. That would be hot. (I think I may have to see if there are anymore of those cute bright colored Isaac winter sweaters on the 90% off clearance rack. RIP RIP RIP!!!)

I saw several at Target, too…kits for dog toys, cat toys, bikni, baby stuff (bib and hat, i think), cozies for electonics, scarves, etc. Seems like most things at Target were geared toward the younger knitter
I also saw lionbrand kits at walgreens!!
I think it’s great…anything to get others interested in knitting!!

Ok, i went to Target and browsed…Where are the kits located in you guys’ stores? I hope mine has them! I would love the bikini knit kit! I didnt see a craft section and i looked in the gift section…nothing.

here is a link to knitting kits at target

and here is some copy from the poncho kit…

“The hot new hobby of the hip and famous in West Hollywood, knitting is fast becoming the new yoga. This fun knit kit features gorgeous yarns and easy-to-follow instructions designed to help intermediate knitters create a stylish Denim Poncho. From Swedish-born Suss Cousins–fashion knitwear designer, boutique owner and knitting teacher–the kit includes a knitting basics guide; pattern; easy-to-understand instructions; 100% cotton space-dye yarn in various shades of blue; size 9 bamboo knitting needles; size G crochet hook; and tapestry needle. Poncho fits sizes S/M and M/L. Made in USA.”

Honestly, it looks like a pretty good beginners kit. And as far as getting Suss Cousins to design kits for them ~well that is pretty hot! I noticed that they sell one of Elizabeth Zimmermans books too.

Hmm, these aren’t the ones that I saw. I think that the packaging looked different too.

I need to go back to Target soon anyway (Target withdrawal!) so I’ll be checking them out again, but I saw them at the end of an aisle kind of by the candles and stuff. I’m sure it’ll depend on the store. Mine’s a pretty big one (SuperTarget).

I read about the knitting stuff at Target, but grocery shopping at Target??? That I have never seen! But then, down in Texas they do have those humongous WalMarts too.


Only Super Targets have groceries.

:lol: Yep, it makes grocery shopping much more dangerous! So many things that I don’t need that I want to buy…

yea here in texas we have a grocery store and a macdonald’s, plus all the other departments…But then I’ve never known anything different at a Walmart (I lived here my whole life) lol.