Knitting Kit

I bought a clan O’Reilly 48" Aran wool sweater kit at aransweatermarket
online store. Even though I have never knitted before. I think I bit off more than I can chew. I am willing to try and see how it turns out. I now have big bag of Aran wool plus instructions on how to make the sweater. I was wondering if I knitt the whole sweater in one go or if I knitt the back front and arms separately then knitt them together. How do I make the head arm and bottom holes? What size needles do I need?

This is what the sweater looks like this I bought the kit for in case anybody needs the site, but i can’t find any mention of instructions included, not even in the customer feedback. it sounds like everyone ordered finished sweaters, not DIY kits…

one stitch at a time. that’s lovely.

Welcome to KnittingHelp, knittnovice!
I can certainly understand being attracted to this sweater. It’s gorgeous.
The instructions will likely give you a recommended needle size, the basic directions for the back, front and sleeves, and how to make the armholes and neck.
If you’ve never knit before, it would be good to start looking at the recommendations at the top of this page for Free Videos, Getting Started. A gauge swatch will help you figure out the best needle size for you to use.
Do you know how to knit, purl and cable? Those are going to necessary for this sweater (lots of cables). If not, practice with some scrap yarn before you begin this one.