Knitting Kiss

Edit: Whoopsie…just noticed the OT forum at the bottom. Could a mod move this over there? :slight_smile:

My bf just sent me this one.
It’s titled “What Would Gene Simmons Do?”


I would move the thread for you, but I think it’s more “General Knitting” than off topic. :slight_smile:

haha thats hilarious!

Oh my. I just spewed a mouthful of Diet Pepsi. That’s hilarious!

Sing it with me…

Wanna KNIT and PURL

…and CABLE ev a ree day!!!:cheering::cheering::cheering:

Where is headbanger smiley?

i am totally making that my Twitter avatar for tomorry!

oh gawd :roflhard: I’m having a Barry White Russian and you caused me to jab the flexi-straw up my nose!

Gee, and I thought those were safer…
BarryWhiteRussian?:?? WR’s one of my favorite drinkies…what makes it Barry?


Inspired by a friend, I mixed one shot each of Effen black cherry vodka, Kahlua and Godiva chocolate liqueur. Topped the glass with half 'n half, sipped it and said, “ummmm… yeah, baby.” Couldn’t call it anything else. If I knew how to, I’d patent it.

For extra delicious, add a squirt of whipped cream and a cherry. never mind the calories.

OMG:shock: Just reading that ingredient list and I suddenly hear [I][COLOR=royalblue]“I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know why
I can’t get enough of your love babe”:heart:[/COLOR][/I]

Very funny pic.

:thumbsup:I agree with Silver, its very funny and on topic. Just so you don’t think we’re gaslighting you, I removed the OT.

Go make one and enjoy it as you watch the video I uploaded just for you!

I love this picure, but is it real? Does Gene Simmons really knit? Just curious.

:heart::happydance::heart: oh yeah baybee:cheering: