Knitting keeps expanding

My knitting keeps getting wider as I knit, but I haven’t got any extra stitches. I’m trying not to do it too loose or too tight, but some parts are wider than others. Is there any technique to keeping it the same throughout?

If you still have the same stitch count I can think of a couple things. My guess is probably a combination of the two. Are you following a pattern? If so can you provide a name and link? Don’t post the pattern in the forum.

~Possibly your cast on is too tight so everything that comes after will be wider. What cast on are you using?

~ Sometimes when you first pick up your knitting you start out tighter, but as you relax and get into the rhythm of it your knitting gets looser.

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Two good suggestions. I was thinking more on the line of relaxing as we continue to knit.

The pattern is from a magazine, so I don’t think it’s online. I’m using a cast on of 25 stitches but the number of stitches is still the same. I’ll try to keep the tension constant, but I’m still quite new at this.

If you still hsve the same number of stitches then it has to be your tension

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This is common with new knitters, but can happen to anyone. Some cast ons are tight to begin with. Which one are you using? You can also try using a larger needle size to cast on which can help balance it.


Yes i agree with @Jan_in_CA that you might want to try a larger needle for your cast on