knitting k1b, what is wrong side row?

Using Mary Maxim pattern 97180N - it shows only the foundation row then row 1 (which is just knits and knit 1 below), but does not say what the wrong side row is. Is it usual to have this as a purl row?


What are you making? Can you please post a link to the pattern/picture? Don’t post the pattern itself here.

Whether the WS row is a purl is dependent on the stitch. Is it stockinette? If so then it’s probably purl. Usually the pattern will tell you what the WS rows are supposed to be in the notes or somewhere in the pattern.

Hi Jan, thank you for your reply! It’s a Mary Maxim pattern that did not specify what the wrong side row was supposed to be. Instructions were to cast on, knit the first row as a foundation row, then do a K1, K1B to the last 2 stitches and K the last 2. Normally one would expect it to say purl the wrong side row but it didn’t, so I ended up going back to Mary Maxim and they cleared it up - you do that same row for the rest of the work. Not sure why the pattern couldn’t simply have said that…

Thanks again, and happy knitting!