Knitting Jitters - the vest is started

I am working on a swatch so I can get my pattern right. I have ripped about 3 complete times and several rows, but now I think I have it.
I am using Red heart no dye lot Claret. Yes, I know, not a fantastic yarn, but inexpensive while I learn. (I forgot - I am using size 10 1/2 needles)

Long tail cast on of 43 stitches.
I am using a seed stitch for most of the vest.
Lower band will be seed stitch (1 3/4 inches) as well as the bands up the fronts (7 stitches wide) (front opening) with a one stitch stockinette stitch followin.
The body pattern will be seed stitch blocks (7 stitches wide) separated by 3 stitches of stockinette.

That is all for now.

I will let you know how the swatch comes out.


Good luck!

Thanks! I have already changed the pattern a tiny bit and i like it better.
Now I have to work out the gauge and cast on etc. :happydance:


Now to get back to work.