Knitting issues

Around Christmas I ordered the Harmony cable needles from KnitPicks. I haven’t used them yet, but I finally decided to try a cable project. I started the project last week, so I got out my stitch markers and my new Harmony cable needles and put them with my project, which unfortunately got moved around a lot through the house (I sometimes knit in the family room, sometimes in the kitchen while standing at the island, sometimes in the living room, and sometimes I even knit in bed). Somewhere along the way, I LOST MY BRAND-NEW, NEVER-BEEN-USED HARMONY CABLE NEEDLES. :waah: I keep telling myself they MUST be in the house somewhere and I’ll eventually find them, but I refuse to do this project now without my Harmony cable needles.
Since that project “cannot” be done, I go to my stash to see what else I can do instead. I am staring at my stash, which may not be equal to some of yours but is not all that shabby, and for the life of me I can’t think of one thing to do with all this yarn!!! I think I feel a need to find an exciting pattern and go buy MORE yarn!!! :shock:

Oh no!!! That must be so frustrating, that you can’t find your cable needles, your NEW cable needles!

I hope you find them really soon!

:waah: :waah: :waah: :!!!: :!!!: :!!!:

Oh bother! I hate it when that happens to me. I can be sitting in one spot and lose something! SO frustrating! I’m sure you’ll eventually find it though. UGH!!!

Going yarn shopping sounds like the thing to do :hug: . As you know the harmony cable needles are not expensive soooo, You need more than one set of them :wink:
When I ordered mine I did order two set’s. I have a problem misplacing things myself a little :teehee: