Knitting is doing me in---HELP?!?!

I just can’t seem to get the hang of the knit stitch.:frog: I can cast on well. Has anyone else who has learned to knit via a book or videos had this type of trouble? I watched the video on this website that shows how to do the knit stitch, and I understand what I am supposed to do–I just can’t seem to do it. The problem I am having is slipping the stitch off the left needle onto the right needle. I grasped crocheting well when I learned those stitches–although it took a little to get the hang of it, but knitting is killing me. HELP

Sometimes when books and videos aren’t working, you need someone to show you in real life. Are there any knit shops in your area? Or do you know anyone IRL who can knit?

I second finding a yarn or craft store, going in and saying “help!” In person, someone can help figure out where you’re going wrong. Failing that, check out the “knitters knear you” section on this board and find someone who is willing to meet up with you somewhere. Knitters are a friendly bunch! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget when you are doing a knit stitch you are not transfering the stitch from left to right needle, you are creating a new stitch on your right needle from the existing stitch on your left needle.

Insert the tip of your right needle (RN) into the stitch on the left needle (LN). wrap your yarn around the RN and pull this loop back through the stitch on the LN. you now have a loop on your right needle which is coming through the original stitch on the LN.
Slide the original stitch right off your left neddle. You now have one less stitch on the LN and one more on the RN

Thanks everyone. The lady that works across the hall from me knits and she is going to look at what I am doing in the morning. We are going to hide in her office and have a knitting lesson before our meeting :mrgreen: I went back and looked at the video on English knitting stitch and I feel a little better just looking at it again without my knitting in my hand.