Knitting is at a stand still HELP!

I currently am knitting a stocking flat. I have already knitted both the left and right half of the heel (turning and all)…
I finished off with the right side of the heel-

Row 9: K6, SSK, k1
8 sts rem. Break Yarn

My instructions now say-

From wrong side, sl these sts to free needle. From right side, knit across 8 sts of right half of heel; with same needle, pick up and K9 sts along side edge of heel flap, k across 27 sts of instep, pick up and K9 sts along edge of left heel flap, k8 sts of left heel from holder-61 sts. Purl 1 row.

The next set of instructions is for the Gusset
but my main confusion comes from the Foot instructions… WHAT ARE THEY TELLING ME TO DO?!?

First of all I am assuming they are telling me to look at the WS of the knitting and start slipping the stitches to my working needle? Then they want me to turn it around and work it while looking at the RS? Is that correct? Then they start talking about the side edge of the heel flap…this is where they really lose me because I have no idea what that means. Can anyone help? PLEASE take pity on me, I’m 9 months pregnant and trying to make this for my baby. :whoosh: :???:

This video starts with turning the heel and about helfway through gets to the foot and gusset. This sock is knit in the round but the idea of picking up sts on the heel flap is the same. However you need to slip the sts onto the left needle, the directions want you to be able to begin with the RS to knit across the 8sts of the right half of the heel.
It looks like you’ve just finished the RS row with the Row 9: K6, SSK, k1 instructions so you could start picking up sts along the side of the heel right here, without breaking the yarn.