"Knitting is a Privilege"

Have you all seen this? Pretty cool!

“Knitting is a Privilege”

Yep heres the link to the other post about it.

Dang it! Well thanks … I did look for it. Guess I didn’t look good enough and I probably need my 2nd cup of coffee this morning.

Yes, Wanda, thanks to you I did catch the video. Enjoyed it so much because I’m really tired of the media, writers etc. who portray knitters as grey haired grandmas who have nothing but time and yarn on their hands. Kudos to Ravelry. Maybe this “outting” will give a clue that knitting and crochet is a multi-billion dollar business and very, very young people ( I’ve met 'em) are getting the drift much earlier than the media. Methinks, rather than the gorgeous sweater, I might have provided this fellow with a mask that doubles as an H1N1 flu deterrent and a gag. Jean

LOL the kid keeps lollipops in his stash.