Knitting into wrap and stitch short rows

:XX: when knitting into wrap and stitch, do you knit wrap and stitch together or do you just knit stitch and pass knit stitch over with wrap? I’ve seen it demostrated both ways. Is one better than other ? Thanks , Kristi

I’ve only seen it done when you knit the two together. That’s what Wiseman says to do in the Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques.

[color=darkblue]This all sounds like Greek. One day I will ‘know’ your language. Whew, it makes me sweat just reading it,

:thumbsup: THanks for the reply. I got the information about just knitting the knit stitch and passing it over with the wrap off of the website under “short rows” video clip. If you check it out , tell me what you think! Thanks again, Kristi

If the item is not going to be felted, I prefer to knit the wrap with the stitch. I think it makes a more invisible short row. If you’re felting something, like our favorite clogs, then you don’t need to pick up the wrap at all and you can’t tell.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX: