Knitting into a stich

i am trying a new stitch…directions are knit 1,purl 1, knit 1 into first stitch, what does knit 1 into first stitch mean?

All you will do is put your needle in , wrap and pull through–just like a regular knit stitch-- then, instead of dropping that stitch off the LH needle, bring your yarn forward (between the “new” stitch on the RH needle and the “old” stitch on the LH needle) put your RH needle in the same stitch on the LH needle again through the front loop and purl the stitch–BUt don’t drop it off yet!-- then put the yarn BACK between the needles to the back of the work, put the RH needle in the same stitch again for the third time, knit the stitch, and then slide the old stitch off the LH needle. You should have 3 stitches on the RH needle at this point.

Does that make sense?

Hi Cato,

You’re going to make three stitches out of one.

Knit normally but DON’T slip off left needle, bring yarn to front and purl that same stitch, then take yarn to back and knit again and drop the whole mess off.

It feels VERY awkward the first few time, but like everything else it gets easier with practice.