Knitting Interventions?

My family has jokingly suggested that I need an intervention.

I love shopping and I love shopping for clothes. I always have. Usually, I spend whatever Christmas money I receive on my wardrobe the winter/spring. This year, every time I pick up an article of clothing that I like, I keep looking at the price tag and thinking about how much yarn I could buy for that price.


I have spent about $10 of my Christmas money this year…and that was to take out one of the girls who used to go to our youth group and was home from college.

My family thinks I may be addicted.:wink:

My daughter’s boyfriend jokes that when I go to social knitting at my LYS that I’m really going to Knitter’s Anonymous. :teehee:

Yes!! :slight_smile:

Addiction? Noooooooooo

Denial is just a river in Egypt ya know.