Knitting instructions interpetation

My instructions read as follows: 1ST ROW-Work 60 sts then k2 in foll st 3RD ROW work 60 sts k2 p1 k2 in foll st and end the row. 5TH ROW Work 60 STs k2 p1 K2 P1 K2 and end the row.
Repeat these stagered increases every 2 rows 11 times in all

Does it mean to knit the 3 rows above 11 times or does it mean to count each row as a row in the count of 11X

Knit the three rows 11 times for a total of 33 rows.

Thanks for the first answer You Guys are GREAT:woot:

I understand the first few paragrpahs I am only giving you some of it so you can understand my question.

Instructions read as follows:
[COLOR=black][FONT=‘Verdana’,‘sans-serif’]Cast on 160 sts, work 1/1 rib in shortened rows, as follows: work 2 rows over all sts, 2 rows over 150 sts, 2 rows over 136 sts, 2 rows over 112 sts, 2 rows over 76 sts and 2 rows over
all sts
, rep from to. Each time work 4 full rows over all sts.
AT THE SAME TIME: lnc LH (neckline edge), starting from the 3rd row: 1 st on each full row, 48 times in all
AT THE SAME TIME: Widen the collar with shortened rows (WS of work), on the 10th row: work 2 rows over
the first 6 sts, on the 20th row: work 2 rows over the 12 first 16 sts, on the 30th and 40th row: work 2 rows over 26 sts[/FONT][/COLOR]
Then it goes to Part II. See the attachment of the diagram.
RH. Cont shortened rows at the same time widen the collar on the 2nd, 10, 18th rows (I UNDERSTAND THIS PART)

Now here is my question it then says.cloud9
Do I go to the end of the row to the LH side or do I continue the short rows and follow the instructions below still doing the short rows. I read it as going to the end of the rows. And not doing short rows.
Then for the collar bind off LH, every 2 rows 11 times 2 sts and once 39sts. At the same time working collar decs, on the wrong side row. On the other side of dec work 10sts, k2tog p2tog k2 tog and end the row.
This is where a series of 3 rows incres start after all the 3 row increases it says Part 3 work shortened rows as follows and it changes from the first short rows.

Their is another problem When you look at the diagram the # of rows does not add up to what the pattern says to do in each part. So I have disregared the parts- 1 -2-3-4. The way I am looking at this is by the shape of the diagram attached?