Knitting instructions--going crazy!

Hi everyone!
I’m new to knitting and working on my first sweater–Allison Jacket from colinette yarns.
Going crazy with these instructions for the left front of sweater–
"work across (40 stitches), knit across (40 stitches) on holder"

does this mean that I join up the completed section (right front, right sleeve and back) with stitches on holder with newly knitted left front section?
who writes these things anyway???
Many thanks for help!
sallyb :roll:


I’m not familiar with this pattern, but it sounds as though you’ve completed the left side and still have live stitches? It it 80 st across? And the 40 st on the holder are at the top of the back on the left hand side of the sweater? It does sound like a join with the back. What comes after this step? Is there any pattern support at their site (assuming it’s a Colinette pattern).

sorry I can’t be more help,

I like your description–“live” stitches, that helps.
our idea makes sense to me, and i will check with my knitting shop crew today when they open. this pattern is one they selected for a sweater knitting class, so they should be able to clear my way also.
do you have the same difficulties with pattern knitting instructions? being new to this, i find instructions very limited and confusing at times…wishing there was a pop-up help screen for the murky bits… :?

Welcome to the forum SallyB!
Yeah, instructions can be very confusing. Don’t worry, it’s not you! :wink: It does get easier with experience. Not because instructions get clearer, but because you know more what to expect, so you can guess better what they’re trying to tell you in their garbled language! :lol:


i was starting to think i was missing a “knitting instruction” gene…
my buddies @ my favorite knitting shop (Lettuce Knit, in Richmond VA) have a wealth of experience like you, and can cut through instructions without a pause.
any words of wisdom on best resources (books, etc) that would help?
i now access your site (i learn best by observing, and your clips are great!) and have Vogue Knitting Quick Ref and Stitch and Bitch

Some of the directions I’m reading are more advanced than those.
thanks for your help!
Sally :smiley: