Knitting Instructions assistance needed

I’m making the Linen Stitch Family Hat lavanya patricella. I just got to the decrease section and I’m a little confused by those directions- you can tell I’m a beginner no? smile

s1wyif, (k1, s1wyif) 3 times, k3tog; repeat from

So, am I slipping, then a knit, then another slip, repeat those three meaning there will be two slips is a row?
So in Long hand it would be: slip, knit, slip, slip, knit, slip, slip, knit, slip then knit 3 together?

s1wyif, k1, s1wyif, k1, s1wyif,k1, s1wyif, k3tog; repeat from

Only repeat the directions in parentheses. When you do this there won’t be any double slip sts.

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Thank you salmonmac, I really appreciate your help.