Knitting Instruction Question

I am in the process of knitting the 5 hour sweater but it is taking me more than 5 hours. I have a problem with row 9 where the stitch is Knit 1 Bar 1. How should this be knitted as an increase so that there will be a decorative stitch on right side?
Thank you, Brigitte

A bar increase is when you knit into the front and back of the stitch. In itself it’s not decorative, but if you’re making a raglan sweater, then the line of increases will create the raglan ‘seam.’

Do you have a link to the pattern you’re doing?

There a several variations on the 5HBS. On the ones I’ve knit, I use either a knit front and back or pick up the bar and knit into the back of it to twist the stitch. I usually depend on the yo and k2tog for the decorative sts rather than the increases.

I found the baby sweater pattern the Website: Wishing I was knitting at the The pattern calls for Bar 1 but in her hat pattern she refers back to M1. It is supposed to be the pattern for the 5 hour sweater. But when you look at the picture of the sweater and trying to do that stitch it doesn’t end up looking like that puffy little stitch.
Hope you can help. I’ve been trying to finish this little sweater for 3days.
Thank you, Brigitte

[COLOR=#000099]The puffy stitches are created over a series of rows. First you increase every other stitch (kfb) on row 6. When you k2tog on row 8, the puffs should show themselves.

Yes. I found it on the website: Wishing I was Knitting at the

The pattern looks decorative on the picture and not only are the instructions calling for a Bar 1 increase. When she posted the pattern of the hat she referred back to the sweater pattern as an M1increase. I hope you can help

The yo and k2 tog stitch might just do it for me. When I first started knitting the first few rows and then did the eyelet row it looked just like the decorative pattern stitch for the next 4 pattern stitches. However, this is not what the instructions said to do. It specifically said to do the Knit 1, Bar 1. I will try what you suggested.

I will try what you suggested.
Thank you so much