knitting instruction confusion


Patterns says "short rows 3,4,5,6,7 & 8, patt to 2 stitches before last wrap( counting last wrapped stitch as one stitch,) wrap next stitch, turn.

what do I do?


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Can you give us a link or the name of the pattern?
It sounds like the wrapped sts are going to be next to each other. The pattern is asking for a wrap & turn so although there are other ways to work short rows, perhaps it’s best to stick to your pattern. Here’s a video for wrap & turn (w&t) although your pattern may give directions.

If we guess that you understand short rows, and how to keep in pattern on short rows, then we are left the above quoted instructions.

It is complicated enough and phrased in a confusing way. (Counting the first wrapped stitch as the last stitch?)

I would write it as, “knit in pattern until the last st before the first wrapped st, wrap this last st and turn.”

I hope the pattern is easy to follow when working these short rows.

Hi Salmonmac and OffJumpsJack… thanks for helping me…

someone on ravelry has come to my rescue and explained it.

“Rows 3-8 are three more short row pairs (right and wrong side), working each time to two (or three) stitches before the last wrapped stitch, then wrapping and turning to be ready for the next row. These are all used to shape the shoulders a bit.”

Pattern is “Samantha” by Amy Miller…

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It’s a lovely sweater.

These kind of short rows usually give depth to the back to shape it and give a more comfortable fit. The extra rows keep the front from pulling up across the neck.
Good explanation and enjoy finishing up!