Knitting Inspiration

My name is Eryn and I am a senior marketing student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. For a marketing research class, we are doing research on knitters to discover what inspires them to want to knit. For this class, we have created a short anonymous survey that asks participants about their knitting behaviors.

We need over 600 participants for our information to be valid before November 26, and this survey only takes about 10 minutes to complete. If anyone would be interested in taking this survey, my class and me would greatly appreciate it. Again, it is completely anonymous and will help my class with our project.

The survey link:

We also will have a drawing (for those who choose to participate) for over $75 of yarn to one participant in our survey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Thank you so much for taking the time to complete it! We appreciate it.


Intereting survey. Will the collated results be available online?

Yes, the results will be available in March 2013 by the Craft Yarn Council. Once I receive the link, I can ensure to post it here.

Done!! :slight_smile:

Only been knitting for 3 days but I did the survey. Hope your survey turns out as well as my knitting attempts. Knit stitch and purl stitch learned. Woot!

Wonderful! :happydance: I remember how it felt to actually get knit and purl stitches to work! You’re well on your way.