Knitting injury?

Wow really pushing today to make progress. Guess I overdid it. I think I was holding everything too tight! Painful wrist is the result. Trying heat to alleviate. Didn’t realize “pitfalls”. Relax,relax, relax. Has anyone experienced this?

Yes, I think many experience it at one time or another. For me I was fine doing lots of knitting with acrylic, switched to cotton yarn and had bad RSI as a result.
Lots of rest needed but if it persists see a doc.

I made a big effort to learn a new way to hold my yarn which made a massive difference (I still had to recover first though) and now I can knit for a long time with cotton with no problem. Needle size can also make a difference.

Get well soon

I never get pain in my wrists while knitting. I do small movements with my fingers and if I knit with too small needles, for example when making tightly knitted socks as they are more wear resistant, I do get some pain in my finger joints. When that happens I put a bit of pain relief cream on my joints.

Ugh, sorry to hear that. Just when you’re really enjoying a project and making progress, too. One more suggestion to add, well maybe two. Changing the type of needle can also help. Maybe going to a metal needle will help the sts slide off more easily.
Take breaks. Even though the mantra is, “One more row”, put down the needles once in awhile and do something, anything else.
Good luck with it and I hope you’re back to knitting again soon.

Yep bummed. Try to knit while gr dau at school or at night after her bedtime so I didn’t take a break even when I knew it was starting to ache. Lesson learned. Keep thinking I might work on something I have on bigger needles which are metal but I’m afraid to do it yet, don’t want to make worse.