Knitting injuries?!

Have any of my fellow knitters sustained knitting injuries? I’m not talking carpal tunnel syndrome, I mean injuries from the needles??

Here’s the story from me: I was running late to jury dury and threw my sock in progress into my purse. As I was getting in the car, I grabbed my bag to throw it on the passenger seat and it scraped along my leg - and lo and behold! One of those sock needles had poked a hole in my bag and (in the words of 3-year-old Julia) gave me a big owie.


Has anyone else had something similar?

Sorry Sissy. I have not had aknitting injury like that. I have broken a sock needle when I dropped my knitting bag and tried to catch it. Bummer. Hope the injury is not to serious. I cannot see it on this compouter.

I’ve poked a hole in my index finger with the tip of my knitting needles before. Those Options are pretty sharp!

been there…done that. I feel your pain…Arnica oil will help take the bruising away very quickly.:knitting:

Me too! :rofl:

Someone at Sock Summit 09 moved her leg into a bag under the chair or something and got a needle stuck in her leg. She had to go to ER to have it removed, I guess it was fairly deep.

One of my sisters once got a knitting needle stuck in her head. No blood, but a ruined needle. (This was a result of children rough-housing plus my mom’s knitting project on the back of the couch.)

Wow…I’ve never had an injury like these. Yikes! :zombie:

Is it bad that my first reaction was “Oh man, it must have sucked to wreck that needle - what’d she do when she needed to start the next row?” :think:

My dog almost suffered severe injuries when I came home one night and discovered my GORGEOUS purple sock yarn in a torn up ball and my DPNs chewed!


After checking his mouth for injuries, I almost killed him LOL

I almost poked my eye out with a knitting needle when my sister was fencing with it. She turned around and gave me a big whap near the top of my eye! Yikes!:fingerwag: She is crazy (in a good way!:mrgreen:

Oh! Eye injuries are one of my big fears! I am so glad you didn’t lose an eye! feels faint:ick:

That is a constant fear for me too. I always think I’m going to forget I have knitting needles in my hand when I go to rub my eye!

My fear is that I’ll sneeze and throw my head forward and pierce my eye…:shock:

I got a knitting needle stuck in my ankle. Put the knitting on the floor to get up off the couch, tripped over the wool, needle in ankle. OK, so I’d had a couple of beers. That might be why I didn’t seem to mind just pulling it out again.
Ooooh, ouch. Not to be repeated :aww: