Knitting injuries

I over did it when my grandaughter was born and ended up with an injury to the base of my left thumb two months ago. I am wearing a thumb brace, using arnica and had chiropractic treatments and now am carefully beginning to knit again.

Lessons learned: never knit when in pain; rest and stretch the hands before beginning and periodically while knitting; relax.

At 61 I hate to admit that I could get injured knitting but there it is.

I learned a VERY bazaar hand stretch when i was learning massage
I do it ALL the time
it helps with knitting
working on computer (keyboard as well as mouse) Shoveling snow, splitting wood, working with bread dough and clay, carving wood, as well as chiseling stone

its kind of like the stance you see trumpet players holding their fingers when they play horn

but its kept me from getting carpal tunnel
so I am willing to do this in public


I am curious about your hand stretch. How long do you hold that pose?

It is for sure that I need to learn more about relaxing my hands because there will be more grandchildren, no doubt.

Also look to stretching/massaging your arms and shoulders. The muscles in the lower arms control the finger movement; muscles in the upper arms get tight from having the elbow bent all the time; and muscles in the neck and shoulders just tighten up from looking down/sitting in one spot for long periods of time and just breathing. Take breaks, stretches, do other things to move other parts of your body and don’t overdo it.