Knitting Initials, pictures, motifs

I am new to knitting, but I have fallen fast inlove with with this wonderful hobby.
I am wanting to make a baby blanket for a little boy. I was wanting to incorporate on one of the corners his name and birthdate and possibly a pair of cowboy boots and hat. But I don’t know how. Anybody have suggestions on how to do it or how to make my own graph. THANX for any help! :sunny:

What you’re talking about here is intarsia, assuming that you want to make it in color.

If you don’t want to use color, you can purl on a knit background for a textured motif.

There is a video on intarsia, but I would also recommend getting a book on it to refer to.

Basically, you would knit along in your background color until you come to your motif. Then without cutting the main color (mc) you start knitting in the contrast color (cc). Each cc can be held on a bobbin or left hanging in the back. If your colors are close together you can strand them across. If they are more than a few stitches apart you would start a new strand for the next section.

If you want to graph your own, use knitting graph paper. It’s proportioned for knitted stitches better than regular graph paper. Just do a Google for it and you can find it printable. I don’t remember the site off-hand.

This is a start. There are ways you should carry the yarn and switch colors, but one step at a time. :wink:

One more thing. If you do this on a blanket, the back will be in reverse and not look as nice as the front. Intarsia is definitely a one-sided picture.

All good info from Ingrid, but here’s a little more help. :slight_smile:

How to make a chart in Photoshop.

Knitter’s Graph Paper (PDF file)

:rollseyes: I knew it was out there somewhere! I even have that photoshop one bookmarked. The only way I know how to post it is if I put a stamp on it.

THANK YOU for the help!
Much appreciated!

I am also a new knitter so forgive me if I am way off here… But I was thinking (just like was said) that using intarsia would make the back side of the blanket, well not very pretty. Would using a yarn needle and just going over the stitches with the /color you want the initials, etc. in/ be easier by any chance? again I have never done this so I don’t know what the back would look like. Of course you would still use the graph…
I am asking the experienced knitters this since I honestly don’t know.

You don’t HAVE to use color to make design. You can use knit and purl stitches… if the blanket is in stochinette stitch, on the front you would purl the stitches where the motif is, and on the back knit those stitches… it’s more of a “relief” design. The initials and words will still be backwards on the back side, but it is less complicated for a beginner than dealing with colors and strands and multiple balls of yarns and that mess. (IMHO)

AND you would still use a chart for this method as well.

That’s what I would do…

That’s what I would do…[/quote]

It’s called duplicate stitch.

all of your replies have helped and now I know what I am going to do. I am going to do the duplicate stitch I think seeing as how I am a beginner that will be MUCH easier.
THANK YOU again!

I am so glad I could help a bit.

And thanks for posting what it was called… I couldn’t remember the name (duplicate stitch). Happy knitting and we would love to see a picture of your completed blanket:)