knitting increases bulge

I am knitting KFB increases in the center of a fox head and like the pattern it leaves, but the center is bulging as I am decreasing. How can I keep the pattern but limit the increase?

Maybe the bulge is part of shaping the head? If the pattern wants increases and asks for KFB, then that’s what you need to work. There’s also a version of KFB without the purl bump but it’ll still effect the same shaping and also probably the bulge.

What is the name of your pattern?

Yes, you are correct; it is part of the pattern because the head is stuffed. I want the head to be flat. The pattern’s name is, “Mr. Fox Stole my heart” by Tiny knits.
I began to decrease at the beginning and end of row with ssk and 2tog instead of doing it in the center and seems to be reducing the bulge but I’m not getting the results of the KFB.
Thanks for your response.

The decreases on the sides will help. That’s a good idea. Maybe you could try a purl stitch in the spot where the KFB would have been?
Here are some flat alternatives that may help with ideas: