Knitting in the wrong direction

The instructions for shaping the neck of both right and left fronts of a cardigan say: dec 1 at beg of next and every RS row 6 times.

On the Left front, the RS row begins at the armhole edge, not the front edge.

What happened and what should I do to correct this? I thought to cut off the working yarn and reattach on the other end.

Welcome to Knitting Help.
For the left front, decrease at the end of the RS row, at the neck edge. I don’t know what kind of decrease you’re doing. This’ll work for k2tog or ssk. If you’re binding off for the neck edge decrease, on the left front, work across the RS row, turn and bind off at the beginning on the the next row, the WS row.

It took me a while to figure out exactly where to bind off. My tendency is to do it at the end of the row. After all, since binding off usually means “you’re done,” it should come at the end, right? However, that means the working yarn is left stranded after the bound off edge, and you can no longer work with it. I then have to cut the yarn and reattach it at the right place so I can keep knitting. This messed-up method works, of course, but it also means more ends to weave in, which equals more headaches.

So, mental note to self: bind off first; then keep knitting 'cause sometimes “bind off” doesn’t really mean “you’re done.”