Knitting in the round?


My friend is having a baby and I found this amazing dalek dress pattern online and downloaded eager to start. However the pattern starts with " Cast on 25 stitches and join for working in the round"
Then it looks to me like a regular knitting pattern.

I have never knitted ‘in the round’ before. There are no diagrams in this pattern and I just have regular needles. I kind of live in the middle of no where and tried to find circular needles but was unsuccessful. But even if I got a hold of some, how will I know I’m doing it right if there are no pictures. I looked up videos on youtube but they all have completely different results and usually have one end which is closed so they come out with a tube (like fingers for gloves or drawstring bags) so I’m now completely confused.

I saw online in another forum that a lady who also did not really know how to knit in the round altered the pattern so she just had to sew it together, which to be honest I prefer but I’m not sure how to do that.

The pattern doesn’t state I need circular or double ended needles, just regular needles size 5 and 7. Maybe Im being obtuse but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Any suggestions?

Sorry, forgot to add the link with the pattern in:

If anyone knows how to convert this to a flat knitting pattern I would be forever grateful. I haven’t lived here very long and have so far been unable to find anyone who can knit to show me how to do in the round.


Welcome to KH. The Doctor says, that’s really cute!
To knit it flat, I would cast on 127 stitches. That will add one stitch on each end for seaming. I would work that stitch in stockinette, I would not slip the first stitch. You’ll have to make sure the bobbles are worked on the RS but adjusting a row if needed shouldn’t make a lot of difference. I suggest you go ahead and cast on and start knitting and when you need help give a holler. Someone will be here.

Adding a stitch might be important for the count for the bobble repeats. There may be more to consider but I’m not seeing it now. Smarter people than I will let you know if you need to do any other adjusting.

ETA When you can you might want to get some needles that will allow for knitting in the round. It makes knitting things like this much simpler and you just might find you like it.

Hi and welcome!
You could adapt this for flat knitting if you want. I agree that it’s fairly straightforward. For circular knitting you would work the garter stitch border by knitting a row and then purling a row. For flat knitting you would knit all those rows. When you get past the garter stitch border into the stockinette portion of the dress, you would work alternating knit rows with purl rows instead of knitting all the rows as you do in the round. The bobbles would work out the same. Just watch the knitting as you go to make sure it looks as you want it to.

Oh thanks, I think I have an idea now what to do…my gran taught me how to knit, but never with circular needles. The whole idea threw me for a loop (no pun intended!)

So I’m guessing just add my extra stitches, knit the first 10 rows and then after that just reverse everything?

At least its a baby garment and is small, so if it looks weird I’ll notice quicker and be able to unravel and start again…

I’ll keep you posted.