Knitting in the round

I’m frustrated with the length of cables in my interchangeable set. They’re always too long. If I have a hat pattern for 80 stitches, how long should the cable be? The sgirtest in the campion woodie needle set is 15 inches and it’s too long. Thanks.

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I usually use a 16" or so to knit in the round with worsted weight yarn on about 72sts. It may be a slight stretch at first but it’s fine once you’ve completed a round or two.
Alternatively you could try a technique like magic loop using a much longer cable for small, in the round projects.

Thanks. I will keep trying. The Magic Loop is difficult right now.

Hope you are having better luck as you go along.:yay:

I usually use DP needles for this number of stitches.
It works better and easier to handle.
send a picture if you can…

Thank you. Here’s the site:

I’m doing a hat on magic loop right now. It gets easier. If you have too much trouble with it or just don’t like it there are other ways. DPN as offgridgirl does are an option or you can use two circular needles (doesn’t work well for me).

16" is the size to use for an adult hat. Then you’ll need DPN for the decrease section. Or learn magic loop or use two circulars. I use a 32-40" and use ML only myself.

When I am frustrated, my frustration often gets in the way of me finding what I need to do.

Actually, I hated Magic Loop at first, didn’t seem to be able to get the knack.

Liat Gat of has great free videos on YouTube, they were very clear. I use this method all the time now.

There is always a point at which using a circular needle conventionally will become tedious.

As was mentioned the other method is to use two cirs. Best demonstration of that technique I found was Cat Bourdhi, again on YouTube. It is a variation of the way Magic Loop works as it uses two circ needles to do what four or five double points would standardly do without losing stitches. Cat Bourdhi specializes in knitting socks, which have much in common when you are reducing to fewer stitches, as sock knitters must. She is great and has humorous explanations.

I use a 32 inch because that’s the longest in my set but would like a 40. Some day I will purchase one. I knit hats with a traveling or single loop and switch to magic loop for hat decreases. No need for double points. I never liked them. I’m one who does everything round and straight knitting on circulars. Push stitches onto the cable when taking a break and no dropped stitches. I don’t have to dig dropped straight needle out of sofa.

I’ve knit a few lace shawls and as they are wide, mistakes because I am human happen. If I don’t notice my mistake, rather than frogging back rows and rows, I just release the stitches involved. Then I use two DPNs to reknit and correct my error. As I am not straining or stretching the yarn as much to do this, the correction is impossible to see when I am done.

Other uses I’ve found for DPNs is they make great shawl pins. Either use them plain or use them as part of a shawl pin. Shawl pins don’t have to be jewelry, they can be crocheted flowers or leaves made of the same or contrasting yarn. One set of wooden DPNs can make several shawl pins that cost far less than purchasing them. A large wooden bead can be hot glued on one end if desired.

Waste not, want not.

I can do anything with circulars, though I do still use my straights for some projects.

I have just gotten some Knitter’s Pride circulars interchangeables which have the same cables used by KnitPicks. So it makes these sets interchangeable. Good thing for KnitPicks kit users as also sells the 16" cable. I do not see where sells the replacement parts. Am I missing something?

If a pattern says: work in multiples of 8, plus 1. If I wanted to double or even work 24 stitches how do I handle the plus 1? Thanks!:knitting:

The “plus 1” is added after you multiply by 8. So for one repeat you total stitches are 8 +1=9
2 x 8=16+1=17
3 x 8=24+1=25

A normal equation would read (8 x [# of pattern repeats]) + 1 = Total cast on.

Then if your pattern doesn’t allow for edge stitches, which look best in most circumstances, I then add two stitches as I like a slip stitch edge.

Number of repeats you want to work x 8 +1

For 3 repeats that would be: 3x8+1=25.

Thank you so much! That makes sense now