Knitting in the round?


Can someone please help me! I have a pattern that starts out on straight needles, but in the abbreviations, it says DPN as well. Can I just magic loop this?? I dont see where I change to DPNs. I provided the link below. Thank you.

The ties are made from an i-cord, and you need dpns for that. Nothing on the bib is made in the round.

For an i-cord, the pattern actually links to a video found at this site. Cool!

It’s not knit in the round anywhere; the dpns are to make the Icord for the ties and you can use a regular circular for that too.

It’s way easier to make i-cord on two DPN. You need to slide the stitches across the needle every row instead of turning. It’s a pain to use any other needles, but you could use a circ if that’s all you have.

Thank you, I just tried it and you are so right. The video on this website shows me how to do it. Thanks so much to all