Knitting in the round

How do you knit a flat blanket for example using cable needles? How do you kee the ends separate instead of joined?

When you turn make sure your working yarn is coming from your left needle. When you start to knit you can tell if it’s going to join.

I replied on my phone at my social knitting group so probably wasn’t too thorough here… Anyway…You can place a marker like Salmonac said and another thing you can do is place removable marker on the front side so you’ll know which is which. Just pretend you’re using two separate needles and turn and knit back on the same needle. Just watch your working yarn.

You can also place a marker (a scrap of yarn, a row counter or plastic marker) at the end of the row. Whenever you come to the marker, turn the work and knit back.

Just pretend there’s no cable and use the needles as you would for flat knitting. The cable supports the weight of the blanket, and makes it much easier to work with.