Knitting in the round

I am currently embarking on a cowl neck scarf pattern that is to be done in the round. I have never knitted in the round so I’m learning something new. The pattern calls for circular needles that are 16" in length. Mine are all 32"-40" in length. Will this matter? CAn I still do this or do I need to buy shorter needles?

If your cowl is less than 30" around you’ll need to learn the magic loop technique shown on the Advanced techniques page, or do the single loop variation. You don’t need to buy the shorter needles.

Oh, no! What to do? This situation call for a little magic…magic loop knitting that is. Check this video, see if it helps.

Yes, you can use your longer circs. Not a big deal at all.

I prefer magic loop anyway because then you don’t have to switch to DPN or other needles when making hats. :thumbsup:

Thanks to everyone for a speedy response. It’s sure nice when you’re as eager as I am to get started on something new. I’ve been reviewing the videos and I think I might like the travelling loop method. Just to verify that I understand the concept…it seems as if the overall purpose of the loop is to take out some of the slack of the longer needles by creating this loop that will ultimately be pulled out with out any harm to the project. Do I understand correctly?

Now I am curious about how to check my gauge in the round.
Here is a snippit from the pattern . You’ll need to be a member in order to open it I think (it’s free).

[I]g11 sts = 4 in. (10 cm) in St st worked in the rnd (k every rnd).[/I]

many thanks again!

I’m so new I had to make another post before I could add a link. Here is the link to Lion Brand where my pattern is from, if anyone is interested.

Yes, you’ve got the concept of magic or traveling loop - the loops ‘shorten’ the cord so you can do a smaller item with a larger needle. Since the fit of this item isn’t as crucial as a hat or sweater, you can just do the swatch flat I think. If you’re off a stitch or 2 over 4" it shouldn’t make a huge difference in the overall size, mayb an inch. You can just cast on, work a few rounds, then measure the gauge and the overall size to make sure it’s about the right size. One advantage of having the longer circ is you can spread the sts out and try on over your head to check the size too.