Knitting in the round

I was working on a baby sweater and the instructions for the sleeve are done using dpns.

They are as follows-
LEFT SLEEVE (knit in the round)
Place stitches on needles and join being careful not to twist the stitches.
Round 1: knit
Round 2: purl
Round 3-7: knit
Round 8-9: purl
Round 10: knit
Continue to knit until piece measures 5 inches from separation from body.
Next 2 rounds: purl
Next 5 rounds: knit
Bind off all stitches loosely.

Im a beginner knitter and have never used dpns. Is there anyway to make the sleeves on a straight needle? how do I modify the pattern to do so? I know i will have to sew the seams but thats okay with me…


These sleeves start at the body of the sweater. You can put the sts on a circular needle if the armhole is already a circle or you can use either a straight or circular needle if the armhole can be opened up flat. Either way you’ll be kniting back and forth on the needles. Add an extra st at each end (for the seams) Let’s call row 1 the outside or public side of the sleeve (the side that will be seen on the sweater.
Rows 1 knit
Row 2 knit
Row 3 knit
Row 4 purl
Row 5 knit
Row 6 purl
Row 7 knit
Row 8 knit
Row 9 purl
Row 10 purl
Row 11 knit
Row 12 purl
Continue by alternating a knit row and then a purl row until 5 inches from body. Finish with a purl row.
Purl the next row.
Knit the next row.
Next5 rows, alternate knit one row, purl one row for 5 rows. Bind off loosely.

Dpns aren’t difficult to use, especially here where the knitting has already been started and you are just putting sts onto the needles. Give them a try sometime.

You could put them on straight needles. You’d have a seam at the bottom underside of the sleeves. But it wouldn’t look right since the rest is knit seamless. And it would be a big pain because the stitches would be crowded on the needle and wouldn’t slide off very well. If you try it, you’ll see what I mean. You can always rip it out if the straight knitting doesn’t work for you, which I think it won’t, and do the dpns or circular route.

Are there any videos that show how to knit in the round using dpns?

Sure. There are videos under the Free Videos tab at the top of the page, Advanced techniques, small diameter circular knitting and also a good one here.