Knitting in the round

I am trying to learn how to knit in the round right now. I am using circular needles.

So to join in the round I cast on and then swap the needles so the working yarn and what was the last stitch cast on are in my right hand correct? I usually cast on using the cable cast on.

I did this and then I was knitting I noticed waht woudl be the inside of the tube is where the stockinette is where as the outside is garter. So what I am wondering is

A) am I joining this the right way?

B) Should the stockinette not be on the outside or do you end up doing all projects in the round inside out!

Make sure you are knitting on what will be the outside of the tube. Your needles will be closer to your body than the loop of knitting.

Scroll down here and look at how she’s holding the needles.

Doing the cable cast on, I think you are correct about needing to put the needle with the yarn attached to it in your right hand before joining. So far so good. :slight_smile:

Some people knit with the knit side of the stockinette on the inside, I don’t, and for the life of me I can never get a handle on what causes folks to get started this way. It is not your cast on that causes it though.

There is a free video on how to work in the round here under the down menu under the “free videos” tab at the top of the page. Try watching that and see if it straightens you out. It is under either “advanced techniques” or “tips”, not sure which.

Working inside out will work with no problems in a lot of cases. I know sometimes it requires you to make some adjustments in directions further on. But some folks actually prefer to work this way anyhow and learn to make the adjustments. Your choice.

You’re knitting inside out whick is more how you hold the needles than how you joined, which is just fine. So just flip your sts inside out so the yarn is on the R needle and the needle tips are closer to you - like where you’d drink from a cup - and the circle would be away from you.

Thank you all. It was indeed that I was holding it wit the loop closse to me.