Knitting in the Round

Hello there, I am on a new project which is a dog sweater and it start by making the tail and working toward the neck in stockinette stitch. You cast on 10 stitches on each end is where I am right now. It then says you will begin knitting in the round. Divide stitches over 2 circular needles which will have 42 stitches per needle.

My question is do you actually use two sets of circular needles or divide the stitches on each side of one set? Also it says she likes to switch the first and last stitch in order to achieve a smoother join. What does that mean, k where it says p and vice versa?

You can use any method you want to knit in the round. For the 84 sts you’ll have you probably want a 16" needle, but you can use a longer one with the magic loop or single loop method. When she talks abouth ‘switching’ the first and last st, she means swap them. Put the first st from the L needle onto the R needle and the end st from the R needle to the L needle, crossing them over. You can also CO 1 extra and k2tog to snug them up, or just knit the first st off the L needle.