Knitting in the round

Hi I would really like to learn how to knit round dishcloths. I have general knitting knowledge but don’t understand how to turn etc. Is there any way to find a tutorial for this? Thanks

There is more than one way to knit a round dishcloth. Many times they are worked in the round with double pointed needles or some other method of doing small circumference in the round work. They may either be made from the inside out, or the outside in (a little easier if you are just learning to work in the round IMO).

I looked at Dishcloth Boutique and found one called Petal Dish Cloth. LINK TO PATTERN That one uses turning like you mentioned. It is the simplest type of turn (not using what is called a wrap). You might look that pattern up and try it. All you do for the turn is to exchange the needles in your hands like you normally do at the end of a row, and prepare to work in the opposite direction without having worked all the way to the end. That is it. Very simple.

If you find a pattern that uses a wrap and turn this link to a page that has a video would help. LINK The video is from this site and is free. Just scroll down to where it says “short row with wrap” or something like that.

I have never made one, but here is a pattern that you might like:

that one is neither knit inside out nor outside in, but around the circle. That is a totally different technique (involving short rows) but it comes out to what you want: a round dishcloth or pot holder.

The site also has video-help for the short row stuff.