Knitting in the round

I looking for any sweaters that are knitted in the round these ae such cool sweaters to make. Looking for ,adult, toddler, infants any…

Seamless is my favorite, too! :thumbsup:

Do you mean cardigans AND pullovers? Cardigans are knit back and forth, but can still be seamless. There are hundreds if not thousands of seamless patterns, but here’s a few ideas some free some not.

Most of these are seamless and they are well written and easy to understand.

Love seameless knitting!!

Here are some books:

I have the Cathy Carron and the Wendy bernard books.

I also have the Jaqueline Fee book, Sweater Workshop.

Stephanie Japel also writes lots of one piece construction books. I have Fitted Knits.

Here is a cuff to cuff book:

These pattern designers also do many one piece sweaters:

There are many other patterns available on the web and many for free. Look for some of the authors of these books to find more.

Lots on knitty but you have to search a bit:

Happy knitting!