Knitting in the round

I finally figured this out! I am actually making a hat, in the round! I tried doing socks on dpns but I got discouraged because of all those needles. I decided to try a hat in the round and to my amazement, it’s working! Boy have I been missing out for 40 years…:doh: :thud:

LOL almost everything I knit is done in the round. I think I would feel strange knitting something flat.

I know exactly how you feel! I shyed away from knitting in the round forever and once I learned how to do it I can’t imagine why I was so scared. I still have trouble with DPNs, but now that I learned the magic loop method watch out!!! I’m knitting up mittens like crazy now! Won’t be long til I try socks :wink:

:cheering: Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting in the round…

This is opening a whole new world of knitting possibilities! My head is spinning with all the projects I’ve passed up because of the knitting in the round thing. I feel silly for not trying this sooner.
Oh, and bonus… now I [I]really [/I]have a reason to treat myself to those Knitpicks Options!


Woo hoo!!! I finished it!!! I got a little lost in the decreasing part but I improvised and I finished it! When it got too small to work on the single circular, I used another circular and that worked really well. I am so excited to have done this! The crazy thing is how easy it was.
Thiswas the pattern I used and I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

I used a green Wool-Ease and will probably give it to my daughter because she likes owls.