Knitting in the round

Has anyone knitted fingerless gloves in the round? Every pattern I’ve seen calls for double pointed needles but wouldn’t working in the round be easier?


That is one method of ‘knitting in the round’ it’s been used for many years. You can also use two circular needles or a ‘magic loop’.

If you know of another method, it would be great to add it to what we already do.

Thanks. I have a book on socks knitted on two circular needles so I’ll check that.

Double pointed needles have 2 ends so you work right off one onto the other. Sock knitters have been using them for eons.

I used dpns for knitting in the round all the time. Check out my link in my signature for “joining in the round”. I show how to join using circular needles and dpns as well.

Any pattern that calls for DPNs can be done using either magic loop or on two circs.

True. :thumbsup: